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You'll be dealing with someone with almost a decade of experience with clients in the Combat Sport Industry, I understand your market, I know the high standard you expect and I deliver content that takes your fight brand to the next level.

VIDEOs that sell fight nights

For your main event, I'll travel to each of the fighters gyms, shoot the interviews, training footage, interview their trainers and put together a video that will have the fans mouths watering. $650.00 each complete video + travel.


But don't forget the rest of your fight card, for a low cost - fast turn around option. I can shoot 10 fighters per day at a studio location central to the gyms you work with and edit them within a week. I have all the tools to theme the studio location for your event and can promise your videos will look right at home alongside content from the biggest brands in fighting.


The result? Every fighter on your card can have the most powerful tool the internet can provide to promote his/her fight and your show to their family, friends, gym and community. $1,500.00 per five complete videos + travel.

posters that reflect the quality of your fighting event

There are a lot of shows out there where the poster lets them down, you've seen them, you read the fight card and your jaw drops, it looks to be one of the most explosive nights of entertainment you've seen in a while but the poster looks like it was done by an amateur, so to the public, the show feels amateur.


I'll handle everything, from the photoshoot to the theme and the design, it doesn't stop there though, why have a great design if it looks crap as a facebook banner? You won't get that with me, I'll give you every version of your artwork that you'll need in easy to use file names like FACEBOOK BANNER.jpg, INSTAGRAM ANIMATION.gif, LARGE PRINT FILE.pdf. Poster with the lot (16 files). $400.00

+ Add individual posters for each fight for $200.00 per five.








a logo that reflects your standards

If the brand is the personality of your business, the logo is the face. Get a good one. Logo design (combat sport client special rate) $200.00

"how much for you to

just handle everything?"

I can usually answer this question after a few straight forward questions, where is your event, how many fights in total, how you're ticketing the event, and a couple of general questions about your show and theme.


You'll be working with someone who knows what's required, I can jump onboard as your complete do-all-the-creative-stuff guru full time for around couple of weeks and then on call until the show. All at a capped rate you can budget around.


I have all the video assistants, interstate camera operators, print contacts and team members I need, all included in the capped rate.


You'll end up with all the videos we agreed on shot, edited, uploaded and shared, a logo if you need one, a website if you need one, a photoshoot, a main poster, individual fight posters, all your social media branded and looking pro, press releases written and sent out with photos, the tickets, ring cards, merchandise and more all taken care of. AFTER the event, I'm still working for you, editing and uploading each fight marking your event permanently online as the success that it was.


You can focus on what you do best, confident that your brand is being represented as one of the best in the business. Ballpark depending on requirements $6,200.00 - $7,500.00. (Once we settle on a number, it's in concrete, no nasty 'oh I went overtime' surprises later.)



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